Privacy policy

Mediafin nv, Tour & Taxis, Havenlaan 86 C b 309, 1000 Brussels, take the necessary measures to protect your privacy in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Privacy in relation to the Processing of Personal Data.

At registration, purchases and actions

When you visit our website, register on the website, subscribe to one of our media or provide personal data about yourself in any other way, we may collect and process some of these personal data.
Your personal data can be used for our customer administration, for managing your subscription, to manage our website, for direct marketing, market research, sales and promotion of our products and services, for the management of our promotional actions or to improve the content of our products and our website.

Sometimes you will be asked to create a profile, and by doing so you will communicate us your personal data. If you log in on our website using your account from a social network website, then we can use this information for the profile that is created on our website. Creating this profile is useful in order to send you interesting offers.

Your personal data may be enriched by external partners. Your personal data may also be passed on to commercial partners. If the user does not wish his information to be used in this way, he can contact our company by calling the number 0800/55 150.

As a (free or paying) subscriber we can contact you by telephone or email as part of your subscription. We only give your email address to third parties with your consent.

Your personal data are processed by Mediafin nv, which is responsible for the processing. The data can be passed on to other companies, in Belgium and abroad, which are part of Mediafin nv, and also to commercial partners.

We also use cookies on our website. For more information, see our cookie policy.

When using certain services

Mediafin also saves information in its databases in order to provide you with certain unique services such as portfolio management. This information is stored in order to ensure the proper functioning of the service. So online portfolio-follow-up is only possibly as far as you enter the information in our databases. Further, this information can be used to improve the service through analyses and to continue to offer you personalized services.

In log files

Finally, information is collected in log files. Mediafin may use this information for internal purposes such as traffic and profile analysis and, by doing so, adapt its service even better to the interests of its users.

Your rights

The visitor has the right to access and correct his data after a written application.

Information about the protection of privacy can be obtained from the Commission for the Protection of Privacy:

We have implemented the necessary security measures to avoid the loss, the unauthorized use or the alteration of information that we receive on our websites.

You also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes and the transfer of your personal data to third parties.

If you wish to comment on one of the acts described above, you can contact us by letter at the address given at the top of this privacy policy.

If you communicate us your phone number:
  • You can get telephone calls from us with information on products, services and upcoming events.
  • You can be contacted by telephone by other companies with whom we have contractual relationships.

If you do not want this, please click here.
If you do not wish to receive any telephone calls from any company anymore, please contact the call-me-no-longer-list:

If you communicate us your e-mail address:
  • You can receive emails from us with information on products, services and events.
  • We may pass your email address to commercial partners offering products or services that might interest you.

If you do not want this, please click here.

If you communicate us your postal address:
  • You can receive periodic mailings from us in the future, with information about products, services and events.
  • You can receive mailings of commercial partners offering products or services that might interest you.

If you do not want this, please click here.

In the latter case, you will need to provide us with your exact name and address.

If you do not wish to receive any letters from any company anymore, please contact the Robinson list: