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Each visit to this Mediafin website is subject to these General Terms and Conditions. By his visit to the website the user tacitly agrees with the application of the General Terms and Conditions, regardless if it is a free visit to the website or a visit for which in one way or another something is paid to Mediafin. When registering on this website or using its payment facilities, the user agrees explicitly with the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.


Mediafin is committed to keeping the information on its website up to date, reliable and complete. The consultation and use of the website is at the risk of the visitor. Mediafin does not guarantee the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the information on its website, whether it was collected by its own services or provided by third parties. It is therefore not liable for any damages of any kind, both direct and indirect, suffered by the visitor in the context of the visit to this website. Mediafin is also not liable for telecommunication costs that are higher than expected or usual, and this regardless of the medium used by the visitor. Mediafin is not liable for any disruptions, interruptions or faults in the network. It reserves the right to optimize or modify the structure, the content of its services and/or the website at any time and without any prior notice. A temporary delay or unavailability cannot give cause for any compensation or other financial compensation.
This website’s information on rates, investments, trends, predictions meets with the highest professional standards. It is only given as information and can in no case be considered as an investment advice. We are therefore never liable for damage that you would think you suffer as a result of a decision you would (partly) take on the basis of this information.


Mediafin grants the user a temporary, non-exclusive and non-transferable license with respect to the content of this site. This shall also apply if the user is, among others, accessing paying portions or services of the website by means of a login that he receives from a third party, such as e.g. his employer. In the latter case, the user is also bound by the terms and conditions agreed for by this third party.

Sharing this license on the content and the granted login with other persons or simultaneously using it on a different equipment is not permitted. The license is not transferable to third parties, without prior authorisation in writing by Mediafin.

Your registration

For some services offered on this website, the visitor is invited to communicate his personal data. The visitor expressly agrees to:
a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about him- or herself as requested on the registration form; and
b) immediately and spontaneously update this information when any changes occur.
Mediafin reserves the right to suspend or deny the registration and/or the requested (free or paying) service, when it has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.
c) by registering, the visitor can also take part in community services on this site, such as give comments on articles and recommendations. To guarantee the quality of those comments, this partaking in community services cannot be done using an alias. The user therefore accepts that his full or partial name (first name and the first letter of the family name) will be published as his user name (for example: John Name or John N.)

Access to and use of our website

You have the right to use our website for private purposes. Commercial use (such as, among others, the use of (parts of) the website to acquire ad revenues, (partly) copying content) is prohibited. You may not interfere with the normal operation of our website, and you commit yourself to comply with the following rules of conduct on our website:

(1) do not infringe the intellectual property rights of Mediafin or of the authors, in a broad sense, who publish work on our website;
(2) do not engage in any activity designed to impede the use of the website by other visitors;
(3) do not spread spam or other inappropriate messages or information via our website;
(4) do not spread viruses or other malware;
(5) do not use or install ad blockers, nor suppress in any other way advertisements or ad content on our website. You agree that the Publisher has the right to install a script that can detect ad blockers.
(6) do not evade or hinder the security of this web site;
(7) do not use means for searching or indexing (parts of) this website, such as robots or spiders (except if the visitor is a search engine);
(8) comply with the rules concerning “registration” and “rules of conduct concerning the visitors’ comments on articles” below for (parts of) the websites for which a registration is required.
In case of non-compliance with one or more of these rules of conduct, we reserve the right to refuse your access to our website.

Links to other websites

The websites contain multiple links to third parties websites. This does not necessarily mean that Mediafin recommends these websites, agrees with its contents or cooperates in any way with these sites. Nor does Mediafin guarantee the suitability, accuracy or completeness of these websites. Mediafin can never be held responsible for damages while visiting these websites.

Intellectual property rights

The information and services provided on the website, as well as any software to use it are protected by (intellectual) property rights, which exclusively belong to Mediafin. The total or partial reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, adaptation, translation, editing or use for commercial purposes in any way possible, is expressly prohibited. Exceptions can only be granted subject to the prior written consent of Mediafin.

It is expressly prohibited to store web site’s information in a database, with the exception of the automatic ‘caching’ of the information by the browser. You may use or reproduce our articles without our permission as a private person for strictly personal use.
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All disputes resulting from the visit to the website and your use of our services, will only be submitted for settlement to the courts of Brussels. In that case, only the texts in their original language are legally binding.

General conditions of subscription
Subscription prices

The prices for the products and services we offer for sale in our subscriptions shop include VAT (if applicable). The delivery costs are included in the quoted price, unless expressly stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to change our prices, our offer and the frequency of our media at any time. Sections, attachments, number of pages are subject to change. We are not liable when one of our products or services (newspaper, magazine, website, …) disappears from our offer.


Unless otherwise indicated in a particular sales offer, online subscriptions will be paid via SEPA direct debit, online direct debit, bank transfer, credit card or online payment.

If you choose an online payment or a payment by credit card, you will be directed to Ogone. If you choose online direct debit, you will be directed to our partner Twikey to sign the mandate. By using this service you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of Twikey. Consult Twikey’s General Terms and Conditions here.

When during the online purchase process the price to pay cannot be deducted from the account (insufficient balance, wrong account number, technical problems, …), the sale shall be deemed not to take place.

Offering the payment options does not imply any acknowledgement of liability from Mediafin whether or not the payment system works flawlessly, without disruptions, interruptions or errors. Mediafin is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by making a payment.

If the customer would make use of the right of withdrawal, the price paid by the customer will be refunded on his bank account within 14 days following the withdrawal, with the exception of the amounts referred to under “The right of withdrawal”.

Invoices must be paid within 30 calendar days of the invoice date.

You can only validly take advantage of the offer if you first communicate all the requested details and accept these terms and conditions, including the privacy disclaimer.

Duration of the subscriptions

Subscriptions are purchased for a specific duration, an unlimited duration or a minimum duration.

The duration of a subscription is expressed in a number of editions. An annual subscription for De Tijd Compleet amounts to 252 editions; an annual subscription for De Tijd Digitaal + Weekend amounts to 52 editions (taking into account holidays, Sundays, etc.).

Subscriptions for a specific duration are paid in advance for the entire duration of the contract.

Subscriptions for an unlimited duration are tacitly and automatically renewed, for the same duration and at the rate that applies at the time of renewal.

The customer can unsubscribe at any time. The termination of the subscription shall take place after the minimum duration of the subscription, or if there is no minimum duration, on the due date of the invoice period, including the period for which a payment was already requested (i.e. 7 days prior to the initial subscription expiry).

You can only cancel by telephone at the number 0800/55 150 during office hours.

Right of withdrawal

1. You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. This limit expires 14 days after the day that:
(a) you (or anyone who does it on your behalf) obtained the good;
(b) you (or anyone who does it on your behalf) obtained the last good or part (in case of delivery of multiple goods or parts within a single order);
(c) you conclude the contract (in case of the supply of digital content that is not delivered on a tangible medium);
(d) you (or anyone who does it on your behalf) obtained the first good (in case of a regular supply of goods during a certain period).

2. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal you must communicate us unequivocally that you decide to forfeit our contract. You can do this by mail, by email or by telephone.

3. After the withdrawal we charge you the price for the (paper and digital) newspapers or magazines that you received until the time of withdrawal.

4. Within 14 days after you informed us of your withdrawal, we refund you everything, with the exception of the amounts referred to in the previous point (3). The refund is done with the same method of payment you used to pay your purchase, unless you explicitly agreed to a different method of payment.

5. This right of withdrawal does not apply to:
– service contracts after the full implementation of the service if the implementation has started with your explicit prior consent, and provided that you recognized that you lost your right of withdrawal once we fully implemented the contract;
– the supply of manufactured goods, according to your specifications or which are clearly intended for a specific person;
– the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of contracts for a subscription to such publications;
– the supply of digital content that is not supplied on a tangible medium, if the implementation has started with your explicit prior consent and provided that you recognized that you lost your right of withdrawal once we fully implemented the contract.


The regular offer includes a joint offer for the paper version and the full digital reproduction of the newspaper at a sole price in which all editions on paper are offered to the reader. In particular, it concerns a combined sale within the ordinary course of the subscription, in which the reader subscribes to a combination of both all editions on paper as the full digital reproduction of the newspaper, and where the possibility to ‘opt-out’ and the possibility to ‘opt-in’ for the paper version of the newspaper is offered to the reader.

The reader has at all times the possibility, within his subscription contract and regardless of the chosen formula, to abandon the reception of the printed newspaper editions on weekdays or of all the printed editions of the newspaper (opt-out). The reader also has at all times the possibility, within his subscription contract, to receive the printed weekend editions of the newspaper or all the printed newspaper editions (‘opt-in’).

Opt-in and opt-out requests must be communicated to Mediafin’s customer service at least 30 calendar days before the desired date of coming into force.

Opt-in and opt-out of the printed version of the newspaper have no bearing on any predefined minimum duration of the subscription.

Mediafin is entitled to adjust the price of the subscription, depending on the choice of the customer to receive or not to receive the printed version of the newspaper.

The duration of the subscription will be re-calculated based on the remaining period of the current contract at the time of the ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ and based on the new price of the subscription type.


These General Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy, the Conditions of Use and the Cookie Disclaimer of our websites, govern the entire contractual relationship between you as a customer and Mediafin nv. You agree to know the General Terms and Conditions and to accept them unconditionally. The General Terms and Conditions existing at the time of your order are applicable.

Our products and services are offered for sale by Mediafin nv, with registered office at Tour & Taxis, B – 1000 Brussels, Havenlaan 86 C b309, phone number 0800/55 150 or online via . You can also contact us by the same means for questions or complaints.

The law of 1 September 2004 on the protection of consumers in case of sale of consumer goods is applicable.

If a dispute should arise between us that we cannot get solved, it will be submitted to the courts of Brussels, in application of the Belgian law. In that case, only the texts in their original language are legally binding. The United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods (Vienna 1980) is not applicable.

Conduct of behaviour in case of visitors comments and interactivity on

Posting a comment is subject to a number of conditions. You must comply with the legal rules and the general standards of decency. You respond in the first place on the article, not on each other. We ask you to make informed comments and to give your own opinion and arguments, not slogans.

In addition, there are issues that, according to De Tijd, which do not belong in a serious discussion and can be reason to take action. Your message can be removed or we can ensure that, in the future, your contributions will only appear on our site after having been checked by a moderator. If that does not help, or if your account only exists to bend the rules, we can proceed to a definitive blockage. In that case, you will no longer be able to publish any comment.

You are responsible for the comments that you put online; this applies both to texts, pictures, music and audiovisual material. The publication of your response does not imply that Mediafin also shares or supports that view.

De Tijd does not tolerate:
  • Attacking, humiliating or otherwise attacking the good name of other site visitors;
  • Comments expressing and/or inciting racial hatred, racism, historical revisionism and discrimination of any kind;
  • A too dominant presence in the comments, with the sole purpose to provoke or to intimidate other site users;
  • Utter threats, whether or not fictitious, at other site visitors, De Tijd and its editors or public personalities. These threats will be reported, together with your data, to the police;
  • Non-substantive comments and comments that have nothing to do with the subject of the article;
  • Vulgar language or messages;
  • The infinitely repeating a comment to the same effect and/or cutting and pasting a comment and fouling the comments;
  • Meaningless comments like ‘ Hello ‘, ‘ pfff ‘, etc. with the aim to leave your mark and to repeatedly see your own comment. According to De Tijd, personal anecdotes making no point do not contribute to the debate;
  • Posting private information about yourself or others. Placing your email address on a public site provides only for extra spam. If you want to contact the writer of a comment, you can use us as an intermediary (email us at;
  • Comments that consist only of a link to a website. Tell other site visitors what you have read and why you found it interesting and add the link to the original document;
  • Posting comments in capital letters, this is experienced as strong-worded;
  • Comments that attack other people’s private life or good name;
  • Stalking, defamatory comments, name-calling, gross insults;
  • Comments contrary to the public order and the morality;
  • Publishing pornographic images and expressions of paedophilia;
  • Comments which are a form of advertising;
  • Infringements of the intellectual property rights of Mediafin or others;
  • Hacking or attempted hacking of our websites; spamming;
  • Comments that pose a threat;
  • Comments in which (the opinion of) others are not treated decently.
Accurate language

De Tijd requires some effort from you to use accurate and grammatically correct language, so others can understand what you write. Please check your comment before you submit it.

Participation in the community service for investors

As a registered De Tijd reader you can consult recommendations from other users for free. You can also leave a recommendation with comments concerning a share on this page. To guarantee the quality of this community service we ask to accept the General Terms and Conditions in advance. Note that in a comment at least your short user name will be displayed and that you can only post those comments between 7 am and 11 pm. The content of these pages does not fall under the responsibility of the editors of De Tijd.

The user accepts that Mediafin, on its own initiative or at the first official request of the competent market authority or for the purpose of a judicial inquiry, will transfer the personal data of the user who is suspected of an infringement to the rules and regulations on market abuse.


If the content of a comment is inadmissible in the eyes of the moderator, it will be removed. is confident about its readers and wants to keep the debates on the site as dynamic as possible. Therefore, comments are usually published immediately.

Yet we can later modify or delete comments. If we have to do it remarkably often, we consider it as a violation of our trust. As a result, your comments will be temporarily stopped and will only appear after explicit approval by a moderator.

If your further comments clearly show that the intervention of a moderator is no longer necessary, we will admit them as such. If that is not the case or if the quality of your comments even worsens, we will block you permanently. Attempts to circumvent that exclusion will not be tolerated.

General principles

The decision to modify or delete a comment is the autonomous responsibility of the editors. We will be happy to provide more information about our decision after a mail to but we avoid endless discussions on the basis of a clearly different interpretation of a comment.

The online posting a comment holds no content approval by the editor. The written opinion remains the responsibility of the author.

We ask you therefore to use your real personal data when registering on our site. You will remain anonymous to other site visitors, but you retain the responsibility for your words.

If the editorial staff notes that comments on an article are only inappropriate or that the discussion over time strongly deviates from the actual subject, the possibility to post comments can be stopped. For some articles, posting comments is never possible.

The editorial staff may publish your comments or parts thereof in the printed newspaper.

e-Commerce via e-shop De Tijd/Netto
a. Our offer

On we offer products for sale.

All prices are including VAT. Since all products are electronic and downloadable products, there are no delivery charges. We pay all the attention possible to the appropriate description of the products, the price and the other modalities. If, however, the description of our products, their price and/or other modalities still contain an error, you can either waiving the purchase, or accept the offer at improved conditions.

b. Placing orders

1. You can only validly take advantage of the offer if you first communicate all the requested details and accept these terms and conditions, including the privacy disclaimer.

2. Orders are placed by accepting a particular sales offer, and, in particular, by clicking on “order”. Every order counts as an unconditional acceptance of the offer. Your purchase is final when you receive an email from us that confirms your purchase.

c. Payments

Purchases can only be paid through our website, and this at the time of placing the order. For that, you will be directed to an Ogone payment environment.

d. Finally

1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the entire contractual relationship between you as a customer and Mediafin nv. You agree to know the General Terms and Conditions and to accept them unconditionally. The General Terms and Conditions existing at the time of your order are applicable.
2. an initiative of Mediafin NV, with registered office in B – 1000 Brussels, Havenlaan 86cb309
3. The General Terms and Conditions can be found on the FAQ page of the e-shop or directly via
4. All images, photos, texts and logos are the intellectual property of Mediafin NV, or are licensed by third parties. You cannot claim any rights on it.
5. If a dispute should arise between us that we cannot get solved, it will be submitted to the courts of Brussels, in application of the Belgian law. In that case, only the texts in their original language are legally binding. The United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods (Vienna 1980) is not applicable.